Jackson Township

1275 Huntsville Road, Jackson Township PA 18708

Phone: (570) 675-8371 Fax: (570) 675-1590

Municipal Building Hours – Monday, through Friday 8:00 am to 3:30 pm

Zoning Office Hours – Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9:00 am to 12:00 Noon


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To the Residents of Jackson Township

As chairman of the board of supervisors I would like to welcome you to our web site. As a life long resident, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to our community and our Township form of government.

Township government is the oldest form of government in the United States dating back to the 17th century, Jackson Township is run by a three-member board of supervisors elected at large for a six year term.

Years ago, Township supervisors were mainly in charge of maintaining Township roads and plowing snow in the winter. Today as the needs of our residence have grown, so has the role and responsibility of Township supervisors. From public safety to emergency services to environmental protection Township supervisors, assume an ever greater role in providing services to the citizens of Jackson Township.

The board of supervisors serves as the legislative body, setting policy, enacting ordinances, adopting budgets and levying taxes. The board of supervisors also performs the executive functions such as enforcing ordinances, approving expenditures and hiring employees. A supervisor may also serves on many committees within the community and county to better serve their community and residence.

I certainly hope this brief overview of how Jackson Township works will make you feel right at home in Jackson Township.

John Jay Wilkes Jr, Chairman
Jackson Township Board of Supervisors